DWTS17 Las Vegas Odds Going Into The Semi-Finals, Switches And Tightening

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds. ~Jesse Jackson

I was wondering if we’d see some switches occur in the new odds for the upcoming Semi-Finals on Dancing With The Stars. However, I never expected to see Leah Remini placed in 3rd at 9/1 odds. 😐 This is getting more and more disturbing by the week. I don’t know what to say or think anymore? 🙁 Please I just hope and pray the right four go to the finals and that is Corbin, Amber, Jack, and Bill in my opinion. Below is more from Sports Bovada.

Corbin Bleu 2/3
Amber Riley 8/5
Leah Remini 9/1
Jack Osbourne 12/1
Bill Engvall 25/1

Below are last week’s odds:

Corbin Bleu 1/1
Amber Riley 11/10
Elizabeth Berkley 7/1
Jack Osbourne 25/1
Leah Remini 75/1
Bill Engvall 100/1

Heidi, Court, and everyone, what to you think?

Courtney: Hehehe…here we complain for several weeks about Bill being stuck at the bottom with 100:1 odds, and then he suddenly jumps to 25:1 in the semifinal week 😛 I doubt he’s made THAT much of a jump, but at this point, anything could happen.  I literally could see ANY of the remaining couples making the finale, and I could see any of the remaining couples getting sent home.  I still think it’s going to ultimately come down to Corbin and someone else (most likely Amber) as the last two standing, and I guess I’m just hoping it’s not Leah that bumps Amber, Jack, or Bill out of the final two…but I continue to get the sinking feeling that Leah has been somehow guaranteed a spot in the finale, which makes me not look forward to the finale.  I think the judges are going to gun hard to send Bill home, and ensure that Corbin, Amber, & Leah make the finale; not really sure where they stand on Jack.  I know they like him better than Bill, but at the same time, I don’t think they’d be too upset about losing him if it meant keeping Leah.  Still think Corbin has the best shot of actually winning this whole thing – but if the judges continue to pick him apart and overscore Leah, I think there’s a serious chance that she of the bad attitude and the  “I’m not a dancer!” philosophy could actually win this thing…which just kinda makes me gag 🙁

Heidi: I’m trying to be optimistic here. Remember last season when Zendaya was a shoe in to win, but she lost it, IMO, on the freestyle? Zendaya had been winning all season long – the twitter contests, everything. She was the pimped one, the golden one. I was certain she would win. Then Derek choreographed that amazing freestyle and it was all over. Kellie won the final twitter contest and she won the show. I think that’s the only time in the history of the show that the freestyle gave someone the edge to  win. I think a bad freestyle costs people the win all the time, but rarely the other way around. Here’s what I’m getting at: in the finale, the dancing seems to count more than it ever does in the rest of the season. I think the finale is the first time many people vote – the ratings are certainly much higher.  Sure, some great dancers have gotten beaten by dancers who were not as good, but typically, those people were still very good dancers. Donny Osmond springs to mind. He had a huge fanbase, too, and was much more likeable than Mya. While Leah has a fanbase, I doubt very much that it’s Osmond sized – and don’t forget Marie only made it to 3rd place and she certainly had a bigger fanbase than Leah.  Leah may dance better than Bill, but she’s not as likeable. And she’s certainly not capable of getting the dances down to the point they give her the win. She may make the final -there are four spots, after all – but she won’t win it. I still have faith in that. Let’s hope I’m right. As for who will actually win, I still think it comes down to Corbin and Amber with Corbin getting the win. Amber may have the bigger fanbase going in…but so did Zendaya.  The only question in my mind is: which four make it to the finale??