Jack Osbourne Writes About Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals, Henry Byalikov Asked To Help

Jack Osborne has written about his week of training and rehearsals at his facebook page. It’s been challenging one, but, as always he made the best of it. His positive attitude towards life and his illness continue to carry him through. Note how they called in Henry Byalikov to help them.

There was a time in my life when I could take on the world’s most physically demanding challenges with very little sleep and an utter disregard for my own safety, but I guess times have changed.

I like to think that 90% of everything in life is mental – every challenge, every hurdle, every bit of happiness, every bit of joy, it all comes down to your perspective .

This week I made a conscious decision that I was not going to let my MS get in the way of my journey on #DWTS. Instead, I made adjustments. I took breaks when a needed to, drank a ton of water, and tried to remain as positive as I could.

Rehearsals were interesting because I wasn’t able to train nearly as much I have been. Cheryl Burke and I decided to bring in Henry, one of the troop dancers to help the learning process. So Cheryl would show me the moves with Henry, then I would get up, try it, and sit back down.

We basically called in a lifeline. Cheryl was incredibly understanding / paranoid / worried towards me this week. I’m pretty sure I’m the first and the only person she’s met with this disease, and although she’s probably looked it up on Wikipedia, I’m sure there’s a lot of unknowns to her about how it all plays out.

Because I have been mostly well for the past 20 months, I often think my friends and family forget that there are many varying faces of this disease. For other things, it’s black and white, you’re either good or you’re bad, but with MS that’s just not the case. I have many days when I’m great, the occasional day where I have strange zaps and sensations down my arms and legs, and a few days when those zaps actually hurt. So far it’s only about every 18 months that things get real bad, and for me, at this stage, I think I can manage that.

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