Maks Chmerkovskiy DWTS17 Judging Media, GRADE And VOTE in NEW POLLS On His Judging

Maks Chmerkovskiy flew to New York last night so he could talk about judging Dancing With The Stars on Good Morning America. He comments how judging wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be, but, he tried to be fair and as true to himself as he could be. You can also watch Leah and Tony in this interview talking on their departure….

Also, is featuring a new article with Karina Smirnoff talking of his judging. Below is a little take for what she said at Mixology last night for how he did a “superb job”.

“He did a superb job,” Smirnoff, 35, raved to PEOPLE at an after party for the show at Mixology 101 in L.A., right after learning she’d be in next week’s finals. “He’s been on our side as a dancer. He knows how much work we put in and how many hours of rehearsals it takes. I was looking forward to him being the Maks that we all know who doesn’t have a lot of filter, but he was actually very nice. I don’t know [why he was being nice], but I liked it. I’ll take that Maks over the other Maks any day.”

Added Bleu, 24, “He ended up giving constructive criticism and yet he also ended up telling everybody an incredible compliment about themselves.”

So, for fun, let’s get your thoughts and some numbers. In the new Polls below, grade how you think Maks did as a judge on Dancing With The Stars last night! Also, would you like to see him judge Dancing With The Stars again? Let us know how you voted in comments.