PureDWTS Season 17 Media And Interviews After The Semi-Finals, Finale Dance Hints

As always, let’s go straight to the interviews after dance night. First up, JC Rubio of Afterbuzz TV asks the the finalists some great questions. There is a special magic in the air!! Let’s just say the four finalists are excited to say the least. Some of them also give hints for their dances next week. Derek says Amber had the idea for their freestyle. Both say it will be fun. Jack jokes that he is going to be a Chippendale dancer. Bill says they are just going to continue to do what they have been doing. Lots more in detail below as well as more finale hints in other interviews. So, keep scrolling down and “reading more”…

Afterbuzz TV also interviewed Elizabeth, Sasha, and Emma after the show…

And below is Access Hollywood with Karina and Corbin. I love what Karina says on Maks! She’s so cute!!

E Online also interviewed the couples on the finale. Here is what they said….

For the past ten weeks, subpar dancer Bill Engvall has shockingly managed to evade elimination, and now the comedian says he’s ready for victory. “I am just over the moon right now!” So what is his strategy for the finals? “I said to Emma [Slater] after the show, ‘I guess we should just keep doing what we’re doing.’ Because we’re definitely doing something right.”

While Bill is fishing for votes, Jack Osbourne is hoping that his drive and determination will pay off in the end. “When I commit to something, I go full out,” he explains. “And my journey right now is to do this and commit wholeheartedly and see where it takes me.” However, Jack promises that fans can definitely expect “awesomeness,” from the couple in the ballroom next week.

And last, but certainly not least, Corbin Bleu reveals that he and his dancing partner, Karina Smirnoff, have already starting planning their freestyle routine for next week’s finale extravaganza. Smirnoff explains, “We’ve already come up with concepts and ideas, and possibly a little trick with the choreography.” We can’t wait to see it!

George Pennacchio also interviewed the couples. Hopefully, we will get some On The Red Carpet videos soon. For now, here is a teaser for what might be coming with ABC7:

First place finishers Amber Riley and Derek Hough are already excited about next week’s freestyle number in the finale.

“I think it’ll be a fun idea. It’d be different than what I’ve actually done on the show before. From a production standpoint, we’re really going to go there,” said Hough.

The judges scored Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff second, and Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke third.

“There is no rest. There is no rest. I mean, there’s one more week left. Why not just go for it? Use every last bit that we have,” said Bleu.

Despite another last place finish, Bill Engvall and Emma Slater make it to the finals thanks to viewers.

“If it’s meant to be, we’ll take home that mirror ball, but if not, you know what, this has been the ride of my life and I’m loving every minute of it,” said Engvall.

Also, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough for more interviews and media with Derek and Amber including fun video and screencap coverage. Reliving that opening number is a must see again too! HOT!

Stay tuned! We hope to have more in a bit!!

ETA: PopTVDotCom also interviewed some of the cast after the show….

ETA2: Glamour Magazine has some excellent backstage scoop and pictures. Be sure you read their coverage in full here. Below is a fun take on Karina and Mark. Thanks to @DWTSGossip for the find.

*With the freestyle dance coming up next week, Karina Smirnoff is aware that that might have been her undoing with Jacoby Jones last season. “As much as it was about the production, we didn’t live up to the quality that we should have had to be able to have to meet the production. Now we have to figure out what the strategy is and pull out something we haven’t seen. I think we have that.”

*I spent some time backstage with Mark Ballas during the show, but he also said that he’ll be back with Christina Milian next week performing a “cool and different” routine. Meanwhile, he’s also putting the finishing touches on his new album, so make sure you guys download it on iTunes when it’s released.

ETA3: On The Red Carpet is starting to post their new interviews from last night. Watch this link here for them all to be posted. Below is Karina and Corbin….