New Astrology And Numerology Study And Predictions For Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!!

What interesting Astrology personalities and unions we have this season for the Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!! Making this season unique from others, would you believe it if we told you we have two Taureans and two Capricorns in the finals? And to make things even more interesting a Scorpio, an Aquarian, a Pisces, and a Leo are thrown into the mix. Read further to see how the couples Astrological sings might and might not stack up and if you think this might help or hinder them for the finals? DonaMadrina has also included a new Numerology Forecast for us to consider being she was interesting in diving into their “Monthly” and “Yearly” numbers a bit more being their weekly numbers are so close and tight. Note how (once again), she nailed it with her Numerology forecast last week. Tony Dovolani was the only person to have a “red challenging” mark and…well, we all know how that turned out. Also included below is a Horoscope Forecast for each sign from Astrologer Patrick Arundell who is quite a fascinating and fun fellow. If interested, be sure to subscribe to his You Tube site for he forecasts each sign every week. One more thing before you read further, be sure to see Pure Derek Hough for more with Amber and Derek as DonaMadrina has personally studied and forecasted what is in Derek’s Astrological forecast and it is fascinating to say the least.

Ok, ready? Here we go:

Corbin and Karina:

Corbin Bleu – Born February 21st, A Pisces born on the Aquarius/Pisces Cusp
Positive traits: energetic, success oriented, a need to prove themselves, concerned, caring
Negative traits: insecure, pessimistic, isolated
Other famous Aquarians born in the same weekly time period: Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John McEnroe, John Travolta

Karina – Born January 2nd, Capricorn
Positive traits: hard working, ambitious, determined, extremely dedicated, capable
Negative traits: dogmatic, bottled up, tyrannical
Other famous Capricorns born in the same weekly period; Oprah Winfrey, Mary Tyler Moore, Donna Summer

Union Together: These two may be opposites being Capricorn is normally reserved and ‘all business’ versus Aquarius’ sense of adventure and playful side. However note how Corbin was born on the cusp of Pisces as well which means he may have an intuitive and imaginative side. The fish can swim high or low….and their moods can do the same. In turn and with all the above combinations, they may have a way of soaking each other up like a sponge when it comes to educating and learning from one another and I definitely think this is what we’ve been seeing in them both along their journey. Do you agree?

Amber and Derek:

Amber – Born February 15th, Aquarius
Positive traits: friendly, inventive, progressive, lively, affectionate
Negative traits: irritated, vulnerable
Other famous Aquarians born in the same weekly period: Jane Seymour, Roberta Flack, Carole King

Derek – Born May 17th, Taurus
Positive traits: caring, persevering, passionate, endures, full of grace, fun loving, imaginative, adventuresome
Negative traits: rebellious, frustrated
Other famous Taureans born in the same weekly period: Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper

Union Together: These two signs together may have some conflicts …especially in the beginning. Taurus likes to control while Aquarian wants to be independent and find their own way. However, one thing they do share is a common passion for all things in life….and a grace, warmth, and caring for others (animals and people alike) as well as being lively and adventuresome. They also share a rebellious trait when challenged and times get tough as they both just want to fight that much harder. If these two can find a mutual balance and respect what makes the other tick in the conflicting times, tremendous things are possible. In other words, when they have found that happy spot, watch out. They are unstoppable, enthusiastic, and creative. Is this what we’re seeing in these two? I think so.

More with these two at Pure Derek Hough.

Jack and Cheryl:

Jack – Born November 8th, Scorpio
Positive Traits: passionate, brave, intense, serious, steadfast, a worthy adversary
Negative Traits: Worries, depressed easily, escapist
Other famous Scorpios born in the same weekly period: Sally Field, Tatum O’Neal, Will Rogers

Cheryl – Born May 3rd, Taurus
Positve Characteristics: enterprising, fair, magnetic, teacher
Negative Characteristics: demanding, critical, inflexible
Other famous Taureans born in the same weekly period: Sigmund Frued, Eva Peron, Audrey Hepburn

Union Together: Think ‘the best of friendship’ with these two. Though these two can also be stubborn in nature at times, for the most part, each encourage one another to lighten up and have fun. Even in the worst of conditions and hard times, each have a way of lifting the other and to keep going. They relax and find the amusing side of life. Both signs are determined, love entertainment, and want to stay youthful.

Emma and Bill:

Bill- Born July 27th, Leo
Positive Characteristics: genuine, loving, loyal, passionate, entertainer
Negative Characteristics: frustrated easily, impatient, defensive
Other famous Capricorns born in the same weekly period: Mick Jagger, Henry Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Emma – Born December 25th
Positive Characteristics: psychic, inscrutable, passionate, driven, perfectionist, fun-loving
Negative Characteristics: frustrated, oppressive, pessimist
Other famous Capricorns born in the same weekly period: Diane Sawyer, Ava Gardner, Jordin Sparks

Union together: I was taken back when learning these two were a Leo and Capricorn pairing. It’s no wonder the two have gotten so far in the competition (astrology wise). Both signs are known to be wise, strong, driven, and hard working individuals. Both have a burning desire to “win” and to come out on top in the worst of conditions. Settling for less is not an option. It’s just in their nature as well as having a sense of humor and being natural born entertainers. Also, did you know Barack and Michelle Obama are a Leo-Capricorn pairing? Now this is making more sense. The powers that be on the show couldn’t have fit these two more perfectly.

Below is Astrologist Patrick Arundell with his Horoscope forecasts for next week…

For Amber and Corbin;

For Derek and Cheryl;

For Karina and Emma;

For Jack;

For Bill;

And saving the best for last, below is DonaMadrina’s new Numerology Forecast with additional information that can be considered in evaluating each couple’s chances with their personal year and their personal month (along with their weekly forecast).

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.53.02 PM1

Special note: remember the Numerology forecast (or any of the above forecasts for Astrology) may have nothing to do with how the competition might turn out but, it’s fun to dissect and think about in case it does?

Thanks so much for reading and let us know what you think in comments!! Let us know your Astrology sign too if you like.
DonaMadrina and Vogue xxx