Kerli Writes On Her Experience Attending And Performing On Dancing With The Stars (Photos)

Hey All! Be sure you see Kerli’s new blog at her official site when you get a moment. Below is a take about what she wrote about the show and her experience. There is also a really cool gallery at the link with some “behind the scene” takes of she and the cast. Too cool. I love her! Thanks to Elmari for sending us this news!

….There are hundreds of people working on the set and everyone is not only the best at what they do but a truly sweet human being. Love this team so much, especially the make up trailer ran by a flock of epic ladies.

The dances, of course were amazing…it’s so cool to see people get on the show willing to win or make a fool out of themselves in front of 16 million people. It’s all about pushing your own limits after all…I also love that the celebrities are so diverse…how rad is it to watch Chaz Bono stand tall in the spotlight, inspiring every LGBT kid out there to not be ashamed of who they are. Kudos!!