DWTS Season 17 Las Vegas Odds Going Into The Finals, Tighter Than Tight Tight

Wow, since my time of reporting at PureDWTS, I don’t remember the odds makers putting out such tight odds for the finals of Dancing With The Stars? Also, check out how they’ve placed Bill Engvall in 3rd with 5/1 odds!! Amazing. I’m literally in shock. Not that I don’t think Bill might not get 3rd (especially after seeing how he danced during his Argentine tango), but, hasn’t Jack Osbourne proven he’s a better dancer than Bill? If I were betting, I’d put all my chips with Amber Riley and Corbin Bleu. I also still think the dark horse is Jack. Then again, maybe it’s Bill? I’m starting to get confused. 😯 Anyway, good luck to them all. I really love every single one of them and wish them the best! Below is more from Sports Bovada.

Corbin Bleu 1/1
Amber Riley 5/4
Bill Engvall 5/1
Jack Osbourne 10/1

Below are last week’s odds:

Corbin Bleu 2/3
Amber Riley 8/5
Leah Remini 9/1
Jack Osbourne 12/1
Bill Engvall 25/1

Court and Heidi, what do you think?

Courtney: First off, I’m just glad that at this point, any of the couples left could walk away with the trophy and I could honestly say I’d be fine with it – and I don’t think I’ve EVER felt that way about a finale before.  There always seems to be at least one finalist per season that I really don’t want to win – but I like all the couples left.  So right of the bat – I’m just happy to have a bit of that weight off my shoulders 🙂 As for who’s actually going to win – I’m feeling a bit less resolute in my belief that Corbin & Amber will be the final two standing, and I think Jack could potentially play spoiler and end up either in second place or winning the whole thing.  Why? Because Jack seems to be the “alternative” choice – those who are from the “no ringers!!!” camp won’t vote for Corbin & Amber, and those from the “this is a dance show, a good dancer should win!” camp won’t vote for Bill; but as Carrie Ann mentioned in her blog, the only thing that viewers seem to universally agree on is that Jack deserves to be there. He very well may be the dark horse to win this thing – especially since I’m starting to notice more backlash against Amber & Corbin (Corbin in particular) these past few days.  As much as I love Bill, I think the judges are going to do everything in their power to ensure that he doesn’t get any better than 4th place – but then again, I think they’ve been trying to boot him out for several weeks now, and it hasn’t worked.  I think he may be able to eek out 3rd – especially if there’s a bit of a shock and Corbin is the first to get booted out of the finale.  I’m really beginning to wonder if Corbin’s not been getting a ton of votes – I think he’s a better dancer than Amber, but I also think she’s more current and likeable; I think they could potentially be splitting some votes, too, since it seems to me like those who watched High School Musical 6 years ago are probably the type to tune into Glee now.  For that reason, I’m leaning towards Amber taking the MBT – 5th MBT for Derek backlash notwithstanding, I think she’s got the votes to carry her through.

Heidi: Ah hell, I don’t know. 🙂 I waffle in my weaker moments to thinking Amber or Corbin will be the one shut out on Monday night, to thinking that Amber will win, to thinking Jack will win – mostly I still think it’s Corbin’s to lose…and lose he could if Derek’s “I’ve never done this before” freestyle is as awesome as Amber seems to think it is.  Karina is amazing…but Derek is in his own league any more.  Derek also is VERY Zen these days and Karina still tends to get very anxious at this time of the season when she has a contender.   Cheryl seems to be her old self and should NOT be underestimated. She can certainly craft something tailor made for Jack’s strengths. Bill is charming but has a groin pull – bad news for the finale.  But I don’t think he stands a serious chance at winning anyway.  If you go by the ratings – in addition to what happened last season – there seems to be a lot more viewers and a lot more voters for the finale. I think that’s why Kellie beat Zendaya. Going on that theory, Bill’s fans who have been with him all season may lose some power – or be overwhelmed by new voters. Johnny come latelys. 🙂 And Corbin or Amber – whoever kills their freestyle – could gain some power. At the end of the day, I think finale voters are going to look at Derek and not give him another MBT. Advantage Corbin. 🙂