An Update On Bill Engvall’s Groin Pull Before The Dancing With The Stars Finale

The Las Vegas Review Journal has an update on Bill Engvall’s groin pull. Below is what they are reporting from Bill. Thank goodness he’s not expecting long term complications and let’s hope he’s ok for tonight. For those interested, be sure to catch Bill performing at Treasure Island in December. More information at the link.

“I am taped, wrapped, strapped,” the popular and friendly comedian said.

“I’ve got adhesive tape on my abductor muscle. I’ve got a groin wrap. When I get home, I’ll take a shower, and it’ll take 20 minutes to take all the stuff off of me.

“I’ll put an ice pack on my groin. I then have a machine that shoots electricity into the muscle to relax it.

“Man, I’ll tell you what’s amazing to me. I heard about a football player who had a groin strain and was out three weeks. I was out a day, and had to get back in.

“Now admittedly, I’m not bolting and hitting people. But I tell ya, I’ve got a new respect for (athletes).”

Engvall, a married father of two, doesn’t expect long-term complications.

“I’ll bounce back,” he said.