Corbin Bleu Writes About The Freestyle And More For The DWTS Season 17 Finale

Corbin Bleu has written his new blogs at and Access Hollywood. Below are a few teasers on tonight’s dances from the links.

For our freestyle, production flew us out to Vegas so we could work with the Michael Jackson ONE Show Cirque performers. Our freestyle is Michael Jackson. We’re doing it to a very iconic Michael Jackson song. We have everything in there. We have some cool aerial stuff, little nods of the hat to other dance style performances and a bunch of signature Michael Jackson moves. It’s the year-end recital.

Once this is all over, regardless of the outcome, I now have a new skill under my belt. I can walk away from this saying I know all these ballroom styles. I’ve taken away a whole new group of friends. Everybody here has been a joy to work with. And I have Karina, who is definitely one of my new best friends. She’s been incredible. I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout this whole process. You go through moments where you feel like you have nothing left to give, and your energy is depleted.

This experience made me realize how much I’m an actor first. I love dancing. I will always love dancing, but throughout this entire process, the best way for me to get on the dance floor was to have a character and a storyline. For me, it’s all about the intention and motivation behind the dance.

Karina and I are dancing to one of my favorite songs by my absolute favorite artist, Michael Jackson. To prepare for the number, “DWTS” flew us out to Las Vegas to work with MJ’s choreographer Travis Payne and the performers in Cirque Du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson ONE.” I actually worked with Travis back when he choreographed my tour for my album “Speed of Light.” It was awesome working with him again and seeing the show gave us so much inspiration. I highly recommend it!

In our number, we are incorporating some of MJ’s signature moves as well as ballroom and Cirque! There is a lot going on in our number so we are working around the clock to be sure it’s sharp and in sync. One wrong move can be potentially dangerous for both of us. There’s high risk, but hopefully high results.

Be watching this link at People as Karina Smirnoff may be posting a new blog soon as well.