DWTS Season 17, The Finale!! – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

I can’t say too much about the show so far, cuz I was out walking the dog. I’m dog sitting. I used to want a dog. Not so much anymore. 😉

You guys get the ball rolling. I’ll jump in later. 😀


Well, it’s finally the end of the road for Bill and he went out with style and class. So, who’s going to win it all tomorrow?? Could be anyone. But after tonights performances, I’m leaning toward a final two of Amber and Jack. But Jack has an uphill battle. As of right now, Jack needs more than 30,000 votes per million votes cast to beat Amber. He needs 22,000 to get past Corbin. Corbin’s road is much more manageable in that he only needs 8,500 votes per million votes cast to beat Amber.

After Jack’s freestyle, he could do it. What does the fusion dance do to the margins?? Assuming that Corbin and Amber each get a 30 and Jack gets a 28? It does very little to the margin. Lowers it by about 2k.

I have no idea who’s going to win. You?