DWTS Season 17 Bill Engvall And Emma Slater Fun, Heart, And Soul Elimination Media

And so we say good-bye to one of the “Most beloved” couples Dancing With The Stars has ever had, but, it’s not really good-bye because they made it to the bitter end. I’m so deeply proud of them and they will always be remembered for how genuine, fun loving, and heart felt they were in all of their dances and packages. I also want to give props to our girls Courtney and Cher @IBLWR for starting a “If Bill leaves we riot” campaign. After that, Afterbuzz mentioned it on one of their after shows and the idea took off. I think that helped them to get to the finals too!! So, here’s to Bill and Emma!! Thanks for entertaining us and with such fun, heart, and soul!!

ETA: And below is their interview with Good Morning America this morning….