PureDWTS Season 17 Media And Interviews After Finale Night One

Let’s get straight to the interviews after Dancing With The Stars to get the remaining finalists reactions to their dances last night. They talk of their freestyles, their support, and what they have to do tonight to win the whole competition. Note how we’ve included one interview with Derek and Amber, but, there are more at Pure Derek Hough. So, be sure to visit there too and here’s to tonight’s show, Everyone!!

ABC7 has a fun recap as well. Check out Jack and Cheryl at the end. They are so cute. Speaking of “cute”, don’t miss reading Jack’s reaction after last night’s dances at Jack’s Facebook page too.

Also, below is some PopTVDotCom coverage as well. Note how they go to Mixology and then back to the studio to try and visit with the remaining finalists…

ETA: E Online interviewed the finalists last night as well. Be sure to see a new video at this link.

ETA2: Life & Style posted about how jack will celebrate if he wins the Mirror Ball. Below is what he told them. This is so cute…

So how will Jack celebrate if he wins the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight?

“Well, it is Thanksgiving, so I am going to give thanks to Cheryl. In a weird way you don’t have time to celebrate because we get on a plane and go to NYC, and when we come back, it’s Thanksgiving. Everyone kind of goes their one way,” he told Life & Style. “What I plan to do is — if I have a Mirror Ball, which I probably won’t — I’m going to post pictures of it from all over the world.”

ETA3: And below are some interviews with by People. Thanks to Kaitlyn for sending!! She’s been a big help today!