PureDWTS Guest Poems For The Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finale Shows

Lois is back with not one, but, TWO poems in wrapping up Dancing With The Stars Season 17. She includes a “thank you” for reading her work as well. Enjoy and THANKS LOIS!

Four stars dancing for the Mirror Ball Trophy in full view

Rise and Shine dancing stars, it is your time in the sun
A sensational opening number and the show has begun

Three dances were performed to oohs and aahs galore
The much-awaited freestyles burning up the dance floor

The judges chose dances for a rousing, riveting encore
The dancing couples took their best turns once more

Jack and Cheryl, to a jovial, jaunty, jazzical, joyful Jive
Corbin, Karina, Quickstepped a dapper Dixieland vibe

Amber, Derek to Charleston chipper, charming, cheerful
Bill, Emma to Viennese Waltz elegant, exquisite, tearful

The Four Star Review highlighted a shining Samba Relay
A shimmering, star-spangled, spectacular, saucy array

The ballroom was shaking, the rafters quaking from above
Eager anticipation crescendoing for the freestyles we love

Jack and Cheryl spun a top hat and tails, tantalizing tale
A slap-happy, snap-happy, cane-tappy, hearty and hale

Corbin and Karina channeled a Michael Jackson THRILLER
A hanging-in-the-air, smooth as silk, a be-dazzling chiller

Amber and Derek with a Saloon group came on with a bang
Spicy, hand-clappy, feet-snappy, cheers from the crowd rang

Emma and Bill, Indiana Jones or the entertainer with a heart
Flying with theatrical flavor, his shirt playing a comedic part

The ending sadly for Emma and Bill, he graciously took bows
He went out proudly, a gentleman of charisma gave us wows

THE ALL-STAR FINALE will be continued, will be a Part Two
Another poem will be written, my gift from me just for you!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 29, 2013


There is chaos backstage, the time is being counted down, a flurry of activity to get the production in ship-shape order. A limo emerges outside the studio, the finalists stand at attention, the fans screaming in a frenzy, the entire assemblage of pros, their stars, troupe dancers, lighting up the Red Carpet, inching slowly towards the finish line………….


The flashing, smashing opening, the astounding pros
The Dance Party is in full swing, the Mirror Ball glows

Tom and Brooke guide us through the magical show
Musical guests pump the crowd, energy does flow

Lady Antebellum. Ylvis, Enrique, and Colbie Cailat
Serenade as the pros shine, prominently on display

Amber, Derek’s Freestyle awarded a rousing encore
The stars shared memories of their time on the floor

What Does The Fox Say? again took center stage
The dance style unique, the foxy song all the rage

Each dancing couple returned to the dance floor
For one final bow and we only wanted much more

The three finalists had one more dance of expression
Fusion dances performed, for one final impression

Corbin and Karina, fused Fox Trot, Cha Cha Cha
With soft gliding, pep, vigor, their very last hurrah

Cheryl and Jack fused the Paso Doble and Salsa
With powerful, pulsating beats, their last hurrah

Amber and Derek fused Quickstep and Samba
Rocking, rolling, toe-tapping, a. very last hurrah

The finalists paid homage to their teaching pro
Derek, Cheryl, and Karina given a special glow

Dances finished, Season 17 coming to a close
The Mirror Ball Trophy shines, sparkles, glows

The tension mounts, the drums pound the beat
The couples all rewarded for their dancing feat

Which couple will be named to take the crown
The seconds of the clock are tick-ticking down

Amber and Derek crowned, raise the Mirror Ball
The cast gathered to share, they give it their all

Season 17 began and ended with grand flourish
We were in awe, were granted our fondest wish

To see sparkles, sequins, costumes, everything
That represents amazement the show does bring

Season 18 returns soon around the dancing bend
Come back, grab your family, see it with a friend!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 29, 2013

I give all of my admiration for anyone associated with DANCING WITH THE STARS! They put on a top-rate production week after week! With HAROLD WHEELER, the orchestra leader, with everyone behind the scenes who put on an astounding spectacle, the judges, CARRIE ANN INABA, BRUNO TONIOLI, LEN GOODMAN, guest judges JULIANNE HOUGH, CHER, MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY, and the hosts TOM BERGERON and BROOKE BURKE-CHARVET, the glue that holds the show together!

Thank you to anyone who has read my work and for your wonderful comments.

Thank you to PureDWTS for having me as a guest writer this season. I hope they will welcome me back next season as I know I will wax poetic, perhaps write more guest pieces, about my very favorite show in all the world! I always miss the show each season and say hurry back now ya hear!

Stay tuned for one last guest piece this season, a season commentary!