DWTS Season 18 Rumor: Will Renee Zellweger Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

Who knows how true this new rumor is. Though you know us, we can’t ignore anyone. Below is more from Showbiz Spy about the possibility of Renee Zellweger dancing on Dancing With The Stars.

“The producers are fixated on Renee, in part because she hasn’t done much dancing at all since Chicago more than ten years ago and there’s this real mystery about her and what she’s up to.

“They keep raising the amount of money they are willing to give her in the hopes that she’ll say yes, and the theory is that if they can get her to sign on, then it would attract some other really prominent Oscar winning stars — who wouldn’t normally do reality TV — to fall in step.

“Now that the rule that stars had to be total dance novices has been broken, it opens the door wide for someone like Renee, who hoofed it in Chicago, to strut her stuff.

“The DWTS masterminds think the idea of having a theme of Oscar winners would be a sure ratings-grabber.

“And it would be the perfect springtime ABC tie-in because the network already controls the rights to the Academy Awards show.”

So, what do you think? Do you like the idea of Renee dancing? I’m not a big fan, but, she’d be cool to get!!

ETA: Below is some Hollyscoop news on this…