Is Change In The Air For Some Of The Pros On Dancing With The Stars?

Kristyn Burtt of Afterbuzz and Red Carpet Closet TV has updated one of her blog pieces on the Dancing With The Stars Pros!! She’s learned a little more on their contracts. Below is what she wrote about it.

While this was written about last season’s pro cast, I learned something interesting about contracts that could affect some pros we haven’t seen in awhile. According to an insider, DWTS U.S. contracts are for five years. That means you have to ask permission to do outside work during this time period. While I didn’t get specifics on this aspect of the contract, it usually means other TV shows or anything related to ballroom or using the DWTS name. (It is most likely a typical non-compete clause in the entertainment industry.)

Here’s where it gets even more interesting, if ABC does not use you as talent for two seasons in a row, you are free to do what you want. We didn’t see a few DWTS pros at all in Season 17. With the show down to one-night a week, it makes sense to use the eliminated pro from the prior week in group dances. However, we may see a few former pros gone for good if they aren’t used for Season 18. (Chelsie, Louis, etc) ABC has signaled a change not only with the format, but with the pros they are using.

Fascinating! I’ll be really curious on Kym Johnson and if she will be back? If not, it’s possible we may not ever see her dance on the U.S version of Dancing With The Stars again? And yeah, what about Chelsie Hightower and Louis Van Amstel being we never saw them dance last season? Let us know what you think!! You can read Kristyn’s full blog at this link.