The Search for the Hottest DWTS Pro – Alec Mazo and Anna Trebunskaya

It’s the off season and so we like to do fun things to keep us distracted while we wait for the next season of DWTS. Right before last season, one of our Pure DWTS Insiders suggested we do a list ranking the hottest DWTS pros. I thought it was a great idea, but didn’t think it was right to just publish a list based on my own preferences. Instead, I want to reach out to you to get an idea of how hot you think each DWTS pro is on a scale of 1-5.

I’ll regularly post 2 new pros for you to vote and comment on. Then, after posting all the pros, I’ll take all the data and publish a list of the hottest Male and Female Dancing with the Stars pros. Keep this in mind as you rate. There’s no need to start your ratings at 4 like they do on the show. Get the idea?

First up is Alec Mazo. For those not familiar with Alec, check out this Google Image search of Alec Mazo and Alec Mazo’s Wikipedia page.

Next up is Anna Trebunskaya. You can check out Anna using this Google Image search of Anna Trebunskaya and Anna Trebunskaya on Wikipedia.

Be sure to browse plenty of the pictures of Alec and Anna so you can offer a fair rating. Yes, the above voting is for hot. Feel free to hash out the difference in hot, beautiful, elegant, sexy, etc etc etc in the comments.

Also, remember that this is just for fun and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although quite frankly all of the dancers on DWTS are hot, just different degrees of hotness. So none of them really have anything to complain about.