Peta Murgatroyd Talks About “Ballroom With A Twist” And Dancing With The Stars

Let the “Ballroom With A Twist” news begin! If you visit the Delco Times, you can read a nice little lead up to the show from Peta Murgatroyd. She also discusses how her dancing dreams came true and what it’s like working on Dancing With The Stars. The pic above below is of she and Mark Ballas at rehearsals for Ballroom With A Twist this past weekend in San Diego courtesy of Mark. Note: If you go to any of the “Ballroom With A Twist” shows coming up and would like to write a guest blog, send pics, or videos, write to us here or at Pere Derek Hough by using our Contact forms or dm us at twitter. We appreciate anything you’d like to send us and would love to feature it.

Murgatroyd, speaking by telephone from San Diego, said she usually takes a break after a “Dancing with the Stars” season, but that “Ballroom with a Twist” provided a chance for fun she could not resist.

“I love to work, and I love travel. This show allows me to do both.

Murgatroyd also said she loves working in live theater. She earned her job as one of the professional dancers on “Dancing with the Stars” after a producer saw her in the ballroom dance show, “Burn the Floor,” on Broadway.

“Broadway had always been my dream,” Murgatroyd said. “From the time I started dancing, and that was at the age of 4, I wanted to be in a Broadway show. Coming to New York in ‘Burn the Floor’ was particularly amazing because the show was so well-received, and I had the sequence where I danced blindfolded in ‘Weatherstorm.’

“My dream came true when I was in my early 20s,” Murgatroyd continued. “I wondered what could top the experience of being on Broadway and being praised for my work in New York. Then, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ came along. I was offered a contract and did not have to audition. The work would be a challenge. I’m not sure that the general public knows it, but the professional dancers are responsible for every aspect of the performances they do with their partners.

“We not only choreograph each dance, but we select the music and design the set and costumes. We can talk to the wardrobe department to get help with our ideas, but when it comes to the music and the dance, outside help is against the rules. Every Tuesday, you wake up with that wonderful but daunting feeling that you have to start all over again thinking of your partner, conceiving a dance, and working out the sound and look you want.