PureDWTS Exclusive: Gleb Savchenko Talks On Dancing, Ballroom With A Twist, Dreams, And More

Hey Everyone. Below is a new exclusive interview with Dancing With The Stars pro Gleb Savchenko!! Interviewing him was a joy. You can read all about his busy off season of travelling and finishing up his new GS underwear line. He also gives us a little teaser for what he and Sharna Burgess might be dancing to in the new “Ballroom With A Twist” show in Cheyenne, Wyoming which takes place on February 1st. Gleb also talks of his dancing career from when he was little to Dancing With The Stars. It hasn’t always been easy as you will soon read, but, Gleb has always kept his “feet moving” and never stopped dreaming, working hard, and dancing. So, with out further ado, below is Gleb Savchenko!

Hi Gleb. How are you and how has your break from Dancing With The Stars been so far? How were your holidays and what have you been up to during the off season?

I’m good thank you. My summer was very exciting I’ve been traveling a lot spent some time in Hong Kong, Moscow and now in Sydney. I’ve been finishing my underwear collection and now it’s finally done. I will start selling it very soon.

Gleb attending the “War Horse Premiere in October courtesy of Zimbio Pictures

We hear you’re planning to dance in “Ballroom With A Twist” in an upcoming show in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Have you started preparing for it and do you know what kind of dances you’ll be doing?

Most likely we will do our contemporary piece from season 16 and one more other number which we r working on right now.

Besides dancing, what are some of your other interests and talents? From your twitter account, it looks like you are a wonderful cook.:)

Well yes I love to cook 😉 also I like different kind of sports: spare, surfing, kite I’m really interested in acting as well, taking lots of classes.

Pic above is of Gleb and his little girl Olivia (who loves to cook too! What a doll!) courtesy of Gleb’s Instagram

You and your sweet wife Elena Samodanova have travelled the world. Which places are your very favorite? I’ll never forget the GS campaign you did together in Japan in the last off season. It was beautiful, exquisite, and truly stunning.

One of my favorite place is Sydney, I’ve been almost everywhere and I think this city has the most magical feeling and energy in the air that you have to feel and it’s difficult to describe. I also love Hong Kong a lot, I’ve spend there most of my time within last 7 years and really miss it.

In asking you on your dancing career, when did you start dancing and what have been your favorite moments of your career so far?

I’ve started dancing when I was 7 years old, I’ve done mostly Latin and have won a lots different awards. We have been International Latin champions in London, UK, finalist in all major competitions in Europe, have been ranked 9 in the world in WDC ranking (world dance council) twice Australian Latin Champions in professional category, Open Asian tour top 10. I’ve Studied in theatre art university and have choreography degree.

What is your favorite ballroom dance?

I love all the dances!!!

Back to Dancing With The Stars, what dances on the show have been standouts for you and your most favorite so far?

DWTS My favorite has been 2 salsa dances we did with Val and one I did with Sharna. Also I really enjoyed dancing Foxtrot with Lisa and Jive.

Can or how do you relate to this quote by actor Morgan Freeman?: “I always tell my kids if you lay down, people will step over you. But, if you keep scrambling, if you keep going, someone will always, always give you a hand. Always. But, you gotta keep dancing, you gotta keep your feet moving” ~actor, Morgan Freeman

Yes definitely I can relate to it, coming from a very normal family with a low income father and a school teacher mother me and my sister we never had much opportunities in life and always dreamed big. I always worked my ass off towards my dreams and until today nothing comes easy and I still dream big and keep dancing and keep my feet moving.

Thanks Gleb. You are a jewel and so talented!! We can’t wait for your return to Dancing With The Stars in Season 18!! Thanks again!!xxx

Thank you very much!!!

Gleb SavchenkoElena Samodanova
Gleb and wife Elena Samodanova at Star Magazine Scene Stealers Party in October courtesy Of Zimbio Pictures