Exclusive: The Fire, Intensity, Passion, And Charisma Of Sharna Burgess And Gleb Savchenko In Ballroom With A Twist

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Dreams came true last night in Cheyenne, Wyoming! heartssmiley As you know from a previous post, two of my most favorite pros from Dancing With The Stars, Gleb Savchenko and Sharna Burgess, took to the stage for “Ballroom With A Twist”. When I first heard they were coming, I knew this was a show I couldn’t miss. What’s more and being my Dad loves Dancing With The Stars as much as we do and the fact it is his 79th birthday in a few days, I knew this would make the perfect birthday gift too!! Well, that it was!! Gleb and Sharna were brilliant and in a realm of their own every time they stepped foot on stage. If you think they are magical, charming, warm, passionate, and beautiful people on Dancing With The Stars (on the inside and out), then you should see them both in person?!! It’s almost as if they glow in this special way I can’t explain. And when they danced, they danced with so much fire, emotion, passion, and intensity.

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I was also taken back by Gleb and Sharna’s chemistry and charisma together in just entertaining the crowd when they weren’t dancing. Sharna would tease Gleb and give him a lot of sass at times while Gleb played innocent. They were so funny in all the right places. For instance, during a question and answer session, a little boy asked why Gleb had his pajamas on (during the contemporary dance). Sharna knew that was a good question right when she heard it and then looked at Gleb and demanded an answer. Then Gleb fell straight to the floor saying something to the effect that he was so tired from travelling all the way from Australia the day before that he left his pj’s on!! lol It was funny and adorable!! I also thought of Gleb’s daughter Olivia immediately and how good he must be with her.

Can you tell Sharna gave Gleb some sass at times? lol

Another fun time in the night is when Gleb and Sharna asked members of the audience to come up and dance with them. The audience was shy and no one raised their hand. Well, Sharna and Gleb wouldn’t have it. They then demanded everyone get up on their feet and NOW. In several minutes, they had everyone dancing and shaking their hips with people to their left and to their right. After that, they pointed at people to come up on stage which they did and this time with no shyness. At the end, Sharna and Gleb commended the audience and with surprise as they never expected people in Cheyenne, Wyoming of all places would end up having that much dance ability and fun (and frankly, I was kind of surprised on that too. lol).

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In other mentions during the question and answer session, Gleb and Sharna were asked how the producers of Dancing With The Stars paired up the pros and celebrities. Sharna said producers try to pick a couple which fits the best together in personality, who might make best friends, who might make a good romance couple, and so forth. They were also asked if it helps their careers if fans interact with them and vice versa. Sharna and Gleb really enforced how thankful they were for their fans, how much fans have helped them, and that they love and read every single tweet, blogs, news items, etc.

*sigh*, what an entertaining and magical night I will soon never forget thanks to Gleb and Sharna, producer Scott Stander, the rest of cast of Ballroom With A Twist, the people behind the scenes and at the venue, etc. in making this all happen!! What’s more, what a night I won’t ever forget sharing with my Dad too who just loved the entire show!! If any of you have the opportunity to see a “Ballroom With A Twist” show, be sure you do. You’ll love it and have memories you’ll cherish for a life time!!

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With all that said, below are a few more photos I took from the night!! Note: If you click on any of the pics in this post, you can see them in a bigger size. I ask that no one takes these pictures without asking permission first. Also, if you’d like to see more pics of the show and the rest of the Ballroom With A Twist cast, see Ballroom With A Twist Facebook as I plan to post more pics there. Here is Sharna and Gleb and I pray these two are asked to come back in the new season of Dancing With The Stars….