So, they fired the Orchestra? Here’s what we won’t get to see again!

This is just an appreciation post for the Orchestra, led by Harold the Amazing Musical Wizard! Without him, and the orchestra, DWTS probably wouldn’t have become the powerhouse show that it’s been for several years now. Without them, I think we will lose an integral part of the show, since Harold worked well with the pros to create the best music for each dance. Let’s face it, many songs that they’ve had to deal with were HORRIBLE choices, and Harold Wheeler and the Orchestra and our pros somehow managed to MAKE the songs and the dance styles fit together. Nathan’s post did a great job starting the discussion, and now we know that the orchestra has indeed been cut, all we can do is “deal with it” even if we don’t want to. I would MUCH prefer that they all be rehired, but I’m just one viewer, and what I want is supposed to be what they tell me I am supposed to want for the show, whether it’s what I really want or not. Yes, send emails. But if they get enough, will they simply delete unread? I’d LOVE if we could find a LOT of dances to put here, and hope that sometime, someone from our wonderful orchestra can read and realize how much we really appreciate how much they’ve done for DWTS. We know, and we appreciate, and we will remember. And THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication, they will not be forgotten.

I love that Harold was the one who did the musical arrangements for every song that they’ve played over the last 17 seasons. I love that he’s ALWAYS been very respectful of the music, of the original, and many times, of the professional dancer and the dance itself.

It can’t be easy to basically rewrite that many songs every week, so that they everything meshes best… Harold and the orchestra were truly the best!!

I’ve always loved the dances where the professional worked closely with Harold to change details in the songs to better fit the dance… Derek was always great with that, but several others were, too. I almost feel as if I’m in mourning for the loss of the orchestra, and the dancers ability to make better use of a crappy song.

I’d love to add as many dances to this post, so if you think of any, add it in the comments… DO NOT POST LINKS! but instead, PLEASE try to give me the couple and the season, and which dance style. I don’t know if I will be able to find them if you give me the song titles without the dance. They’ll be added when possible, please be patient.

First up, Maria and Derek’s rumba….. Madonna’s Material Girl as a rumba? Without the orchestra’s genius, THIS never would have worked…
Maria and Derek’s Material Girl Rumba

Let’s not forget Season 17’s PLUGGED/UNPLUGGED challenge during semi-finals, where each couple did 2 different dance styles to the same song. That NEVER would have been possible without OUR orchestra. And, we have THESE dances to remember…

Amber and Derek’s Viennese Waltz to “Locked Out of Heaven”
Corbin and Karina’s rumba to “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”
Leah and Tony’s Argentine Tango to “Bad Romance”
Jack and Cheryl’s Argentine Tango to “Roxanne”
Bill and Emma’s Argentine Tango to “Sexy and I Know It”

Jimmbboe loves Aaron and Karina’s Muppet Quickstep and I do too!

Susan2 loves Mario and Karina’s Tito Puente Mambo and Gilles and Cheryl’s “killer” Argentine Tango!

Sandy’s pick is Hines and Kym’s “Explosive” Paso Doble! Another great pick!

PLEASE keep them coming, I love reminiscing like this!

Rich loved Nicole and Derek’s Foxtrot and while watching that, I found another of MY favorites, Nicole and Dereks Im-PASO-ble 1950’s Paso Doble

I found some CAN’T LEAVE OUTS!

Shawn and Derek’s Knight Rider Bhangra! Hard for both the orchestra and dancers, I’d say!

Helio and Julianne’s Mambo VS Shawn and Derek’s Mambo


Helio and Julianne’s Quickstep VS Shawn and Derek’s Quickstep

Here’s more from Craig:

Nicole and Derek’s Pretty Woman Tango

Nicole and Derek’s SOS Jive

Emmitt and Cheryl’s All-Star Cha Cha to Chain of Fools

Ingo and Kym’s Cha Cha from Len’s Side by Side Challenge

Jacoby and Karina’s Jive from Len’s Side by Side Challenge

Kellie and Derek’s Foxtrot from Len’s Side by Side Challenge