PureDWTS Anna Trebunskaya And Nevin Millan Introduce Baby Amalya To The World (Interview, Pictures)

People is featuring a new interview with Dancing With The Stars Anna Trebunskaya. They ask her about her new little baby Amalya and how she, Anna, and boyfriend Nevin Millan are settling into their new life. Anna’s dreams have come true. Read on for what has surprised Anna the most about motherhood. This is so cute!

PEOPLE: What’s surprised you about yourself now that you’re a mom?

Anna: I thought, “Oh, I’ll probably want to go back and work out right away and get back into my schedule,” and to be honest with you, I don’t feel like I want to. I want to stay home every moment and watch her eat and sleep.

What surprised me is I never knew how excited I’d be about my daughter pooping and peeing. I’m like, “Yes! Everything is working and it’s the right color.”

Even her screaming — I’ve figured out what’s the hunger scream is but the other ones I’m trying to understand. When she’s tired but doesn’t want to sleep and she’s fussy and whiny, even then I’m like, “That’s fine!”

Truly, when you hear somebody else’s child crying it’s kind of annoying, but when it’s yours somehow it’s adorable.

I’m learning and it’s a completely new journey for me. We are just on baby island and it’s one day at a time. Some days we sleep more than others!

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