DWTS18 Watchout: Meryl Davis And Charlie White Remark Again On Dancing With The Stars

Let’s continue to keep a ‘watch out’ on Olympic Gold Metalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White to possibly dance now or in the future on Dancing With The Stars. People.com is featuring a new article where they mention Dancing With The Stars and how the two would like to dance if asked. Below is a take….

2. They would be willing to appear on Dancing with the Stars
It’s no secret that Dancing with the Stars’s Derek Hough choreographed their Olympic routine, but it may be less-known that the Olympians would be honored to appear on the show themselves. “If we were asked to be on that show, I think we would be really excited for that opportunity for sure,” Davis said in the same teleconference.

You can listen to the conference call below….

ETA: US Magazine interview Meryl and Charlie. In the take below they talk of Dancing With The Stars and their dream partners….

If they were to appear on DWTS, it would be the first time in 17 years that the five-time national champs would compete against each other. “It would be great,” White said laughing while Davis quipped, “It would be a lot of fun.”

As for dream partners? Davis said she would stick with Hough while White asked, “Is it too late to get his sister [Julianne Hough] back on the show?!”

“We’ve spoken about that!” Davis remarked. “If I could dance with Derek and he could dance with Julianne, that would be so fun.”

If the DWTS idea falls through, both dancers will stick with their original plan: to finish their studies at the University of Michigan “as soon as possible,” White said. “Right now we’re just enjoying the moment and our schedules moving forward I’m sure are going to be crazy, and hectic, and fun! But we’ll settle all that soon and we’re really looking forward to finishing our undergraduate degrees.”