DWTS18 Watchout: The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Not Asked To Do Dancing With The Stars

Remember when we previously reported for how Juan Pablo Galavis might dance? Well, according to Whio.com via Reality Steve it’s a no go. He hasn’t been asked …yet anyway….

Reality Steve revealed in his weekly video blog chat thing that Juan Pablo will not be on Dancing With the Stars next season, despite his declaration to Mario Lopez the week of his premiere, “I like dancing a lot.” With such a strong expression of emotions, we’re surprised ABC didn’t scoop him right up then and there to shake his bon-bon (Ricky Martin!) on TV. Except that we’re not at all surprised. See, his homophobic comments, saying that it wouldn’t be good for children to watch a gay Bachelor because they are “more pervert,” happened.

And according to Reality Steve, that was enough not only for the network to ask Juan Pablo not to attend Sean and Catherine’s wedding, but also to nix him from consideration for DWTS.

You can read the full article at Whio.com via Reality Steve.

I can’t say I am disappointed in this news. How about you?