DWTS18 Or Future Watchout: Jaclyn Smith Would Love To Do Dancing With The Stars

Well, this might be nothing being Jaclyn Smith said she declined an offer to do Dancing With The Stars in the past because of a bone spur. However, on February 18th she tweeted, “Dance and opportunity will dance with you.” Makes one kind of wonder if she’s ok to dance now or maybe in the future? Here is more on Jaclyn’s bone spur and her thoughts on doing Dancing With The Stars from Closer Weekly in December. Thanks to KarenT for the heads up. I’d love to see her dance…but, I bet her bone spur hasn’t healed up quite yet to dance. What do you think?

Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith shares in this week’s issue of Closer Weekly her plans for upcoming projects, life after Farrah and the TV show on her bucket list.

The 68-year-old reveals she is seriously considering doing Dancing With the Stars! “They have asked me and I would love to do it!” Jaclyn, who used to be a dancer, shares in the new issue of Closer.

Unfortunately, due to an injury, she had to decline their last offer but she is open to participating sometime down the road.

“I had a bone spur removed from my foot and I’m having a little trouble. It would be a perfect fit given I come from that background, but my standards are very high and I would want to do it right!”