Gleb Savchenko Interviewed About Brooke Burke Charvet, Erin Andrews, And More DWTS Things

Your Tango recently interviewed pro Gleb Savchenko Kathy Duliakas’ Celebrity Oscar Suite. He answer a few questions about Brooke Burke Charvet, Erin Andrews, and if celebs know what are getting into when they do Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take. Be sure to read more at the link where he also talks a little of his wife Elena Samodanova and fatherhood.

YourTango: We’re you shocked to hear about Brooke Burke-Charvet getting fired?
Gleb Savchenko: I was shocked. I was like, ‘No way!’

YourTango: Do you know why she was let go?
Gleb Savchenko: They were saying the show needed a change. The band was changed, too. Honestly, I love Brooke. You couldn’t wish for a better host. She was so classy, so beautiful, so kind. She was made for the ballroom.

YourTango: What do you think of new co-host Erin Andrews?
Gleb Savchenko: I don’t really know her. I’ve never met her, but she seems nice. She seems tougher than Brooke.

YourTango: Do the celebrities understand what they’re getting into?
Gleb Savchenko: No. If they knew, they would never do it! It’s really hard — hours and hours a day. They think they’re going to have a lot of fun, hang out in the studio, dance with a pretty boy, but no, it’s a lot of hard work.