First Official DWTS Season 18 Rehearsal Photos Released, More Official Photos

Quick Update: ABC MediaNet is starting to release new photos of the new cast rehearsing in the studio. Yo can see what they have so far at this link. So far, you can see Derek & Amy, Billy & Emma, and Peta & James. Keep checking back as they might be uploading more soon.

ETA: And now Getty Images has more!!

ETA2: The official site has posted a new gallery for the rehearsals photos. You can view them here.

Also, if you do a search a Getty Images for each person in the cast, you can see individual shots of them from the official photo shoot. They are awesome. I have a feeling the official site will be uploading them soon. So, keep checking there too. Thanks to Gitte for the heads up!

ETA3: Also is this new banner at Dancing With The Stars Facebook not cool? I’m loving it.