DWTS Season 18 Drew Carey Wants To Do Things That Are Joyous And Fun

Drew Carey was a guest on LIVE With Kelly And Michael today. Rumor fix reports that he talked of how busy his schedule is now that he’s doing two tv shows at the same time. But, Drew also talked of why he decided to take on Dancing With The Stars. Below is more. He’s going to be fun and I’m loving his attitude for why he wants to dance…

When asked why he’d do this to himself he responded “cause I want to win a mirror ball trophy!”

“I watch the show and it looks like so much fun…everybody’s having a good time even though it’s work. I like to do things that are joyous and fun and puts you in a good mood. It’s a challenge. I lost the weight. I want to do things with my body that I couldn’t before.”

ETA: Below is Drew on Entertainment Tonight with their first rehearsal video…..