Counting Down To DWTS18 Premiere, Media Updates (Pics, Video, And More)

Two More Days until Dancing With The Stars and counting. You ready? In a few updates….if you head to the Daily Mail, you can view some of the cast arriving for rehearsals yesterday!! They look in fine form and ready to go. I like Sharna’s furry boots. I hope she saves them for when and if she comes to Wyoming again. She may need them if it’s anything like the last time! Snow shovel

Danica McKeller has also written a short blog at her official site talking of what rehearsals have been like so far. Below is a little take….

It’s been awesome – really hard work but fun. It’s a little strange to have cameras with us the whole time, but I’m getting used to it. 🙂 And after all this rehearsing, I am so sore! I actually took an ice bath yesterday, which really helped (not sure I recommend it unless necessary because, um, BRRR!). Apparently athletes do this all the time – more power to ’em, haha.

Also, Steve Cochran of WGN Radio interviewed Diana Nyad. She talks about her upcoming dance on “Dancing With the Stars”. She says the Fox trot is challenging and dancing is harder to learn than she thought. She also praises the pros for the “great athletes” that they are. I love what she says about Henry’s “strength and beauty” when he moves.

Lastly, don’t miss heading over to Pure Derek Hough for some updates with Amy Purdy and Derek Hough. Derek has written a new Dancing With The Stars blog. Also, Derek is helping with a Nike show tonight and Pure Derek Hough has some rehearsal coverage. For a sneak peek, below is a video Derek posted last night. Is this not hot?!!!

Ok, that is all for now. Vogue over and out! 😉 x