Dancing With The Stars Candace Cameron Bure Talks On The Contemporary Dance, Mark Ballas, And More

Candace Cameron Bure tells OK! Magazine that rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars have been nothing short of grueling so far….though in a good way. Below she explains in more detail…..and for how she’s seeing a physical therapist too. She also speaks about she and Mark’s first dance.

OK!: How have your Dancing with the Stars rehearsals been going so far?
Candace Cameron-Bure: They’ve been going pretty well. But the truth is they are quite grueling and it’s been particularly brutal for me because we’re starting with a contemporary dance and the contemporary is the most physically challenging dance. My partner Mark (Ballas) hasn’t made it easy on me, in a good way. We’ll see if they end up showing it in the package they show the audience but I’m covered with some pretty gnarly bruises and I’m already seeing a physical therapist because my back and my neck…they’re being swung around in ways I wasn’t even expecting. I knew it was going to be really physically challenging going into it but it’s even worse than I thought.

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This is what happens after dancing for a week like you’ve never danced before. Asleep at FroYogurt w/ my son and friend. #djcandyball @markballas @dilinii ~Candace