First Couple Of Weeks Of DWTS Will Be “One Packed, Spray-Tanned Sausage”, More Rehearsal Arrival Photos

Dancing With The Stars Tom Bergeron talked to Yahoo TV about the new season and all of the new changes coming. He comments that his new cohost, Erin Andrews, will be “great at both sideline and quick interviews and such.” Tom also commented that the first couple of weeks of the show will be “one packed, spray-tanned sausage” (LOL!). Monday promises to be “quite the adventure” when the show goes LIVE! Below is more….

After revealing that last season’s crowded celebrity holding area, the Glitter Pit, would be no more (“Hallelujah!” he said of the pit’s demise), Bergeron hinted at what the celeb hangout will look like in the new season: “A version of the skybox will be there. I don’t know if it will be the old celeb-aquarium, but it’ll certainly be more like the celeb-aquarium than the Glitter Pit,” he said. “These are all words I never thought I’d use in a sentence.”

The popular TV host seemed particularly excited about the star-studded cast for the upcoming season, which includes “Wonder Years” sweetheart Danica McKellar, “Star Wars” icon Billy Dee Williams, and five athletes.

“Particularly to have [Olympic gold medalists] Meryl Davis and Charlie White, they’ve been together 17 years as partners, and this is the first time they’ve split up and they’ll be competing against each other,” Bergeron said. “A lot of interesting possibilities with this cast.”

But when it comes to another big change this season β€” the midseason partner switch β€” even the show’s longtime host is in the dark.

“I went into the office last week, and they were being very secretive about it, and I don’t know if it’s going to be for a week or two or the balance of the season,” Bergeron said. “It’s something we’ve never done before, so it’ either [going to] be amazing or a train wreck. In both cases you got good TV.”

Reading his words gets me even more excited for the new season. Be sure to read the full article at Yahoo TV. Also, if you’d like to see more pics of the cast arriving to rehearsals this weekend, see the Daily Mail here and here.