Candace Cameron Bure Writes Her First Blog For DWTS Season 18

Candace Cameron Bure has written her first blog at In a take below she writes about how much fun she’s having even though she’s hurting and rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars have been tough. MORE at the link!

I’m hurting a lot today. I still have energy, but I’m just incredibly sore and beat up. It is what I expected, but the contemporary dance, which is what we’re starting with, has proven to physically be beyond what I had expected.

We’re literally rolling on the floor for some of this dance. I’ve done races and mud runs and I’ve crawled up hills under barbed wire, and I’ve never had bruises bigger than the bruises I have now from doing this dance.

It is brutal. I’m still having fun and still really enjoying the challenge, but my body is beat up. I’m excited to move beyond this particular dance, because once I get into more of the traditional ballroom dances where I’m not rolling on the floor, I’m sure I’ll be very sore, but I won’t be bruised.