DWTS Peta Murgatroyd And Cheryl Burke Write On Their First Dances And More

Cheryl Burke has written her first blog of the season at Access Hollywood. She’s excited about the new season of Dancing With The Stars and having Drew Carey as a partner. Below she talks of rehearsals and their dance tonight.

We’re doing the foxtrot [on Monday] and right now it’s just teaching him how to dance. He has zero dance experience, except for some of the funny stuff he’s done on “The Drew Carey Show,” and then really working on his posture. He’s got like a little hump in his back, so it’s really important to maintain his posture and frame and to really make him look smooth. He is a performer. I just want him to really bring that character out on the dance floor. But you never know how people are when they perform in front of a live audience, so you really get to know the person after Week 1.

I’m interested to see how Drew is going to absorb all the, ‘lights, camera, action,’ basically, and then you’ll start to realize, “OK, he’s a performer, or he gets freaked out when the cameras turn on.” So it’s going to be interesting to see come Monday night how he reacts to everything because it’s so different doing a live show and doing something that you can say, “Take 2” or “Take 3.”

I feel like Drew’s one of the most well-known contestants, so hopefully his fans will pull us through.

You can read more at Access Hollywood.

Peta Murgatroyd has also written a new blog at People. She catches us up on everything she’s been doing since we saw her last on Dancing With The Stars, She also writes of the new season, her partner James Maslow, and the dance tonight.

I think there’s a very eclectic bunch of people this season and, so far, everybody has such a nice personality and demeanor. There’s not one of them who isn’t really, really lovely to work with. I think having three Olympians will be amazing for the competition. They’re going to make everyone work a little bit harder to catch up to them.

Rehearsals have been going very well. James has come into the studio and really given his all. I feel very, very blessed and grateful that he has musicality and timing under his belt. Obviously being from a boy band, he knows how to count rhythm and has done a little bit of choreography. All of that has sort of shaped him into the “dancer” he is today.

We have fox-trot to start out with. James is 6’2″ and that will be really nice for the fox-trot. We’ve been working really hard on his frame and where his head is positioned. The first week, his head had a kink in it, but we rectified that now. I think everyone’s going to really love our dance. Also, he has such a passion for the music industry that when the song comes on, he really gets into it. He’s not afraid to show emotion, which I love.

It’s super fun being paired with James. He’s a great-looking guy, and I think he’s really going to show America that he can dance. He’s not going to rest on the fact that he’s a cute guy. But I do think it helps a little bit that he’s very charming and he hasn’t got an arrogant bone in his body.

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