New Official Dancing With The Stars “Maks Is Back” Commercial, Val Chmerkovksiy Blogs

This is a great promo…but, what about the other pros? Couldn’t they have said something on them?

Also, Val Chmerkovskiy has written a new blog for Today. He talks of how he found out he was back for the season. He also explains how he feels for the Switch Up dance and talks on Danica and their dance tonight…

The first dance Danica and I are doing is the foxtrot. It’s all right. It’s definitely not one of my favorites, but it’s a dance that I enjoy dancing. There are certain dances that are very effective and that the audience enjoys more but that I may not enjoy doing as much. Some just don’t have the capacity to be as powerful as others. The foxtrot doesn’t have the passion or the drama that a paso doble has, but it’s still an awesome dance to dance.

I’m committed to Danica’s well-being and growth. You build a connection with your partner. If there’s a switch up, I still want to see her do well, of course. I hope that whoever she may be paired with will want the same and will treat her well. If she ends up getting higher scores than I do with whomever I’m later paired with, then I’ll be very happy for her.

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