Fun Video Of Cody Simpson And Witney Carson Preparing For Dancing With The Stars

Below Cody Simpson and Witney Carson talk about how they’ve been getting ready for Dancing With The Stars. The beginning is so cute for how Cody cries as if he’s in pain…he does it elsewhere in other parts of the video. Too cute! You can preview his new single “Surfboard” at the end.

ETA: People has a new article up today as well. Below is a take about how much he loves to groove…

As for competing on season 18 of ABC’s hit show, Simpson calls it “more nerve-racking” than a typical performance he’s done, “because this is so new. You have three people watching your every move. You have a lot of people in the room and then millions of people behind the lenses. It’s a lot to take in.”

But regardless of where – and how – he performs, Simpson insists, “I love being on stage and I love to groove, so it’s been fun. It’s nice to get the first routine out of the way.”

And it doesn’t hurt that Carson believes in him every step of the process.

“I was stressing about it for so long and I wanted to make a big impact with Cody,” the first-year pro told PEOPLE. “I feel so lucky to have him as a partner. He’s such a hard worker. I think we killed it tonight, and I’m really happy about it.”