New Las Vegas Odds For DWTS Season 18 Week 2: Speaking of Switches

Sports Bovada has posted their new odds for Dancing With The Stars Week 2. As always, there is a shake up after we see them dance the first time. This week they have Meryl and Charlie tied for first and note how Amy has moved up the ladder to 3rd! Danica and Candace has also moved up knocking Cody and James down. I love how Drew Carey made a move as well. I think Sean should be higher, but, I would say the tie at the bottom for last is about right, would you?

Charlie White 5/2
Meryl Davis 5/2
Amy Purdy 4/1
Candace Cameron Bure 11/2
Danica McKellar 15/2
James Maslow 10/1
Cody Simpson 20/1
Drew Carey 25/1
NeNe Leakes 25/1
Sean Avery 33/1
Billy Dee Williams 100/1
Diana Nyad 100/1

Last weeks odds:

Meryl Davis 3/2
Charlie White 3/1
Cody Simpson 6/1
James Maslow 6/1
Amy Purdy 10/1
Candace Cameron Bure 15/1
Danica McKellar 15/1
NeNe Leakes 15/1
Sean Avery 20/1
Billy Dee Williams 25/1
Diana Nyad 33/1
Drew Carey 33/1

Let’s get Miss Heidi and Court’s thoughts and be sure to let us know your thoughts as well in comments.

Courtney: I actually agree with this week’s odds, for the most part – the fact that James’ odds are twice as good as Cody’s has me really puzzled, though.  Were we watching the same show, oddsmakers? Because Cody made a pretty big splash on Monday, while James was just treading water…and I don’t expect that to change a whole lot throughout the course of the season.  I think we might begin to see more of a gap between Meryl & Charlie as the weeks wear on, as well – I’m guessing he’s going to continue to thrill each week, while she might have some off-weeks (which I’m thinking may have to do more with Maks’ choreography than anything else).  And if my gut feeling is right,  I think Candace & Danica may flip-flip back and forth in the odds each week – I get the feeling they’re setting that one up to be a neck-and-neck race, with the girls alternating who does better each week.  Other than that, I think the odds are pretty spot-on…I might have given Billy Dee a slight edge over Diana, just in terms of fanbase, but that’s kind of a moot point…

Heidi: Yeah, I’m not finding anything to argue with on this one. Shocker. 🙂  I think Meryl and Charlie will remain at the top and Amy, Danica and Candace will flip flop around with each other depending on how they do in a given week. Aaaannnndddd…..I got nuthin’ else. 😀