DWTS Season 18 Karina Smirnoff Doesn’t Want Sean Avery To Lighten Up

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Karina Smirnoff talks of Dancing With The Stars partner Sean Avery and why she doesn’t want him to lighten up like she first thought. Here’s why….

The first two days I was very nervous and concerned because I did not know what to expect from him,” she admitted while chatting with reporters on the DWTS press line after last Monday’s premiere. “He was very serious. Now that we know each other—I love the guy. He’s funny, not in a ha-ha type of way, his humor is very dry, very unique, very clever, but he’s incredibly sweet. He’s a man. He wants to make sure that I’m comfortable with the dance. I want America to see the Sean that I see in the studio every day.”

Karina offers up an example of how the ex New York Ranger is actually quite the gentleman.

“I live in Calabasas and my call time is 630 in the morning on Mondays,” she explains. “He asked, ‘Are you going to be driving from Calabasas?’ And I said, “Well I was planning to drive unless you’re going to send a plane.’ He said, ‘No, no, no—you need to rest. You need to get something closer.’ He organized a place for me to stay that’s closer (to the DWTS studio). I’ve never had a partner do that! I want people to see how sweet he is. Even in rehearsals, if something doesn’t work out he may be, ‘Ergghhh,’ but then he will smile and then it’s all great and it works out. I want his personality to come through on camera.”

More at OK! Magazine. I love Sean’s dry sense of humor too and his serious look. He’s funny and shows personality in his own way. I hope they just keep running with it. And speaking of his serious look and own way, have you all seen this yet? It’s a hoot!!