DWTS Candace Cameron Bure Writes on Some Rumba Teasers And More

In a new People blog, Candace Cameron Bure explains how she wanted a Venetian Waltz this week not a Rumba. But the camera didn’t lie during an at at-home interview when she did in fact say the rumba and now she’s kicking herself. lol She’s so cute. Lots more in a take below and at the link.

I’ve really wanted to do the Venetian waltz most, but the camera didn’t lie during my at-home interview when I did in fact say the rumba, since it would be so challenging. Grrrrr … I could kick myself! The rumba has definitely proved to be more challenging than I would have preferred for my second week’s dance.

One of the most difficult parts going into week two is that we only have five days to learn a brand new dance, compared to 14 days before starting the show. The amount of time is a drastic cut and without increased hours in the dance studio, it’s easy to say I’ve been a bit frustrated. My legs, feet, arms, hands, hips and mind aren’t as coordinated and in sync as I wished they were.

The thing I have to remember most is that I’m not a professional dancer and have no prior dance experience to this show, so I can’t expect myself to be great and flawless in five days! That’s when I take a deep breath and remember to have fun, because when it comes down to it, that’s really the whole point of this experience.

By Friday, I still can’t get through the entire routine. I’m sloppy and my footwork is jumbled. The rumba is a slow and sexy dance. Slow is the hard part. Every movement is exaggerated and noticed. There is no bounce to cover up a misstep or flaw.

Having a more athletic sports background, which complemented my contemporary routine, I’m finding that soft, elegant and small steps are proving to be a difficult transition for me.

The producers also told me on Saturday that I needed to change my shoes. I was planning on wearing a flat shoe so it looked as if I were barefoot, but because I actually was barefoot for week one, I was told I needed to wear the proper Latin dance shoe.