DWTS Season 18, Week 2 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show! (Spoilers)

Wow. A lot happened at the start of the show. Maybe I should do a list…

  • TPTB thought it would be cute to pair the couples in their opening dance by rivalry – Danica and Candace, Meryl and Maks and so on. Stoopid.
  • It’s always nice to see Maks dance with his daughter Witney…oh. Wait. 😉
  • Surprise double elimination?? They must be making sure they don’t end up with another Bill Engvall situation. Well, that and it’s good to have an even number of couples for the big switcheroo
  • Drew is safe right off the bat? Should I draw a conclusion for that or is that going to occur throughout the show?
  • Are they going to show video of each star picking their dance to prove they didn’t make it up?? They do realize that shit could be filmed anytime by cooperative stars, right? 😀

Okay….enough for now. I missed Drew’s dance….

Welcome to ringer judging, Val.

Zendaya is in the audience looking like a 35 year old.

Billy Dee is safe, eh? Might be Dean and Karina going home.

ETA2: Okay for those of you wanting to vote for the Switch, it’s just like Karina said. You vote like this:

#DWTSStarPro  For example, #DWTSMerylDerek or #DWTSAmyMark  That’s all you need. Or you can retweet your friends. I would add slightly new content at least once in a while so you don’t get tagged as spam.

ETA3: So Diana went home. They will reveal the second eliminee after NeNe, Sean and Cody have all danced.