Nene Leakes Worried She Won’t Make It Through Her Jive Tonight

Nene Leakes writes to pray for her tonight during she and Tony’s Jive. She’s worried she won’t be able to make it through the dance. Below is more from E News.

The jive. The jive is extremely difficult. The biggest challenge for me this week is really going to be my endurance because of all the hopping and moving around and it’s a really quick dance. My endurance is going to play a big part in it because I am winded like hell.

I told Tony that I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so I want to have it perfect this week. Obviously, I won’t be able to do that, because I just don’t have the background and it takes a lot more training. So we just worked really hard on technique this week. It’s not so much the choreography for me, the choreography I can catch, hunnis; it’s just the technical part—the hands and the feet—that I have to work on. It’s a lot, it really is.

Right now we’ve been rehearsing twice a day, so we’ve been doing six hours of rehearsals, just so that I can do it. I told him I was going to get on the treadmill and he said no. He felt like it was really going to tire me out, so we just need to keep rehearsing, keep rehearsing to get through the dance.

Please tune in! I hope you enjoy the jive. I’ve got to really work on my endurance to be able to make it through this dance, so pray for me!

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