Private Members Area – DWTS Season 18 Week 2 Discussion

Tonight was week 2 of DWTS Season 18 What did you think of tonight’s show?

My email inbox is blowing up about the bad camera angles this year. Are you seeing the same? Many are complaining about them not capturing the dancers feet. What do you think of all the changes this season. Is the show trying to hard or do you like the changes.

People are still complaining about Brooke Burke being gone, but I did finally get someone who was glad that Brooke Burke was replaced with Erin Andrews. I’m personally on that side of the fence. I think Brooke is a great person, but I think Erin’s going to produce a lot more interesting television. It won’t be pretty sometimes, but it will be memorable. Although, I’m glad that the show has finally figured out how to do her hair and makeup. When Erin was dancing I thought they did a terrible job with her. They need to hire whoever her hair and stylist is when she’s on Fox.

Other thoughts?