PureDWTS Season 18 Week 2 Media And Interviews After Dance Night

So, how are you feeling after a double elimination on Dancing With The Stars last night so soon in the season I have to say it’s left a sourness in my throat I’m liking much. 🙁 I felt especially sorry for Diana. It seemed to take the natural joy right from her. 🙁 Same with Sean. He was just starting to smile even though I was ok with him not smiling. Oh well. Let’s get to some media. First, be sure you head to On The Red Carpet as they have some amazing photos from the night. George Pennacchio’s facebook also has some cool interview photos of all the couples (thanks Elmari). He also has some coverage and few interviews posted at ABC7. More coming! Stay tuned.

ETA: Below is some PopTVDotCom coverage after the show….

ETA2: Below you can listen to some new interviews with Entertainment Tonight (Only some of the cast is interviewed)…

ETA3: The On The Red Carpet interviews are starting to be released. We’ll post a few below, but, be sure to watch the rest at this link. Also, don’t miss more interviews with Derek and Amy at Pure Derek Hough.