DWTS Peta Murgatroyd And James Maslow To Dance A Jive Next On DWTS

According to OK! Magazine, Peta Murgatroyd And James Maslow will be dancing a Jive on Dancing With The Stars Week 3. Below is more for how James is keeping in shape for his dances….

So can the gorgeous duo up the ante for next week’s show when they dance the jive?

“To be fair, I didn’t really fully go shirtless (for the salsa),” laughed James backstage after the show.

When asked if he did any extra sit-ups to get ab-ready for his performance, the Big Time Rush heartthrob said, “I wasn’t going quite for the hall of fame. But, yeah, you can be in good shape without trying if you work out every day and eat pretty well. But then to get into great shape, and I’m trying to do that for Wednesday actually because I’m doing the cover of Fitness Rx, you definitely have to diet and it sucks and I hate it. I love carbs, I love burritos, I love burgers but before a shoot and before something like this, yeah, you’ve got to cut that stuff out.”

More at OK! Magazine including news for how James and Peta will be presenting awards for Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards this weekend.

Adding: You can also read James new blog at Parade. In the take below he writes of the switch up dance and the Jive coming up. More at the link.

With the big switch coming up, polls are open for people to start voting who they’d like us to be paired with. I haven’t looked at Twitter for the pairings too much, but I’ve got an idea. If you watch the show, they seem to be trying to playing two people against each other in multiple pairs. So maybe they’re trying to encourage that, but in all honesty I don’t really care because I hope to go back to Peta. I’ll have fun with whoever, but I really hope it’s temporary.

Next week, we’re dancing the jive. We want to show another side. To do the same thing we did for salsa wouldn’t be as exciting, so we’re going to make it fun. We’re talking about the most memorable year of my life, which turned out to be a very positive message and the reason I’m doing the show is to spread that positivity and encourage people to follow their dreams. I think we’re going to maybe even go back to my musical theater roots, so there might be more of a performance aspect, which will be fun. We haven’t started addressing our costumes yet, but it’ll probably start out a little more conservative than we did for the salsa– we’ll have some fun pieces, maybe some props or something to play with.

ETA1: And here they are with Access Hollywood in rehearsals….