Val Chmerkovskiy Writes About How He’s Not Perfect, The Anxiety On DWTS This Season, And More

Val Chmerkovskiy has written a new blog at Today. This time he talks more of Danica and their rehearsals saying he’s not perfect and how there is more anxiety this season (I can see why! There is so much for them all to deal with from a double elimination, the switch up dance, so called rivalries, pressure from the producers, and more). More below and at the link. Thanks to Lesley for the heads up!

Ultimately, this week gave us an opportunity to have a conversation and for me to show her that I’m not perfect. My teaching isn’t always perfect. I told Danica that I need her feedback and for her to able to tell me how she feels. We’re a team. When you spend five or six hours a day every day together — which we do — you can’t be flawless.

What happened was we’d had a great rehearsal for three hours and then, for the last hour, the producer told us we needed to get it all done. I felt this pressure and I put it on her. Her reaction that viewers saw in the video package was the result. It’s something I’m going to have to keep an eye out for and keep myself in check in the future. I told Danica, “If you see me getting in that zone where I get too demanding you can tell me and we’ll take five.”

This doesn’t mean we won’t try our hardest. Our relationship is give and take. This week, she gave me an opportunity to demand more and I did. I always will. This season is very challenging. The producers have made a lot of changes to the show. It’s tough. There are twists and turns and there’s the switch up coming up. That’s affecting us. There’s so much more anxiety this season.

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