DWTS Season 18, Week 3: Who’s Dancing What…and When??

Okay, time to start a new week. :::sigh::: Like I said in my Dancing by the Numbers post – did everyone vote or are we going to have a “shocking elimination” somewhere in this mix??  It was horrid how they eliminated Diana and I hope they go back to the way they did it last season. This way was just distasteful. Combine that with all the switch up nonsense…well, can we go back to the show I loved, because I neither recognize nor enjoy this one. Hell, it’s Sunday and I haven’t watched all of last week’s show – I keep finding other things to do. Yo, producers – it’s week 3 and I’m already OVER this show – this should be a sign. Every season you lose me a little bit more. But hey, I guess I’m not in your desirable demographic, eh? Tell me – what you gonna do when your undesirables have left you and you still haven’t moved up in the coveted demo?? Get cancelled, that’s what.

But hey, this week is going to be a Full House Reunion week! According to E! Online, anyway:

WTS is planning something of a Full House reunion for Monday’s show, sources excluslively confirm to E! News.

“It’s the Most Memorable Year theme this week,” explains one insider, “and there are definitely going to be a lot of tears, but also some really inspiring stories! Candace Cameron Bure is going to be talking about her days on Full House and the cast is going to be in the audience to support her.”

That’s sure to bring in the young’uns. Um, only NOT. 🙂

So who’s dancing what? Well, DanicaNotADancer was blessed to be given contemporary, although the C-bros don’t really seem to have a great knack for choreographing it.  Amy is using new feet – swimming feet, to be exact – in this dance which just amazes me. This woman is BRAVE. And I’m a nervous wreck watching her dance, praying something catastrophic doesn’t happen. Knowing Derek, though, he’s probably planned for that. What’s up with all the Jives in “Most Memorable” week?? Is that weird? And I find it a bit funny that Charlie and Meryl have spent the better part of their lives together, yet one is doing Jive and the other is doing Foxtrot. Hmmm…interesting. I also wonder if Meryl will get the comments about the height disparity that Cody and Witney got. Somehow I doubt it. I also see that Tony has Nene in flats again – will they get called on it? Somehow I doubt that too.

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to dance order this season, especially if they keep on the way they did last week. Yikes.

Charlie and Sharna – Jive (Music: Happy by Pharell – I think)

Danica and Val – Contemporary

James and Peta – Jive

Drew and Cheryl – Waltz

Amy and Derek – Contemporary

Candace and Mark – Jive

Meryl and Maks – Foxtrot (Music: All of Me by John Legend)

Billy Dee and Emma – Waltz

Cody and Witney – Jazz (Music: Surfboard by Cody Simpson)

NeNe And Tony – Rumba

Keep trying Danica – and while you’re at it, get him a haircut!! That hair is awful. And take Mark with you too.

Cute boy alert!!

And a bunch of photos from DancingABC’s instagram, or in come cases the Celeb/Pro instagrams…
Amy Derek Contemporary

BillyDee Emma

Candace Mark

Cody Witney

Drew cheryl

James Peta

Meryl Maks

Nene Tony