Candace Cameron Bure And Mark Ballas Will Jive To A 1950’s Classic Rock And Roll Song

Candace Cameron Bure has written a new blog for People. She talks of last week’s dance and scores and sets us up for their new dance which is fun, but, hasn’t be an easy one to learn and rehearse for. In fact, she hit a point of exhaustion. More below and at People. Anyone want to take a guess for what their song might be?

This week has proved to be the most fun yet! Mark and I will be dancing the jive to a classic rock and roll song from the 1950’s. I’m excited to get my blood flowing with this fast, bubbly song that I know my family (especially my dad) will be rocking out to.

The most challenging part of this week’s dance is the fast footwork and the stamina I need in order to complete the dance. It’s a minute and 20 seconds, but it’s an all out effort every step of the way. I’m in pretty good shape, but I rarely get my heart rate to such a high intensity for this length of time. Our practices are five hours a day, so learning this routine and running it over and over is a cardio challenge.

On Saturday, I hit my point of exhaustion and couldn’t take another step. Literally. I was lightheaded, on the verge of throwing up and had to lay down for a while. (Just to assure you, I am getting my proper nutrition by eating six small meals a day provided by Freshology fitted to my needed caloric intake and drinking a lot of water and sport drinks for electrolytes.) At that point, I knew I needed to cancel my attendance to the Kids’Choice Awards because my body needed to rest.

It was an important lesson for me, listening to my body, knowing when to say ‘no’ and not feeling guilty about it. Of course, I didn’t want to disappoint my kids and immediately called my friend and asked if she would take them so they didn’t miss the show, which she did. A mom is always a mom first!