DWTS Cheryl Burke On Drew Carey: From A Performer And A Showman To Something More

Cheryl Bure writes that we will see “a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Drew carey tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Their ‘most memorable year’ dance is about when he had his son Conner. Below is more from Access Hollywood.

This week is ‘Most Memorable Year’ and this is always the time in the competition where you really get to know your celebrity and so does everyone else. Some stories are sensitive and emotional, some stories are celebrating a happy moment in that person’s life. For Drew, the most memorable year was 2005, when he had his son Connor, so you’re definitely going to see a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Drew.

The last couple weeks you saw us do the jive and foxtrot, so as you guys know, he’s a performer, he’s a showman, but I think this week is a really important week for him because it means something more. It’s dedicated to his son.

We’re dancing the waltz, which is a different pace for us. We’re used to the faster dances. Dancing slower is actually a lot harder than dancing fast, so we’ve been facing a few challenges and I’ve been pushing him extra hard this week because I know his potential and we really want to try and improve and hopefully get better scores. So it’s definitely been a week of taking it more seriously. We’re still having fun, obviously, but it’s more of an emotional week. We’re thinking about his son and also making it as good as possible because the waltz is a very technical dance.

More at Access Hollywood. *Can’t wait to see these two again!