DWTS Season 18, Week 3 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show! (Spoilers)

Geez. George Pennachio says there is a surprise in the first half hour.

Like we need more surprises. :::sigh:::

I know! Let’s drink every time there is a camera screw up. Wait…I don’t have enough booze….

Great opening dance by James. He got a tiny bit off time in a couple spots….but this guy is a contender, for reals.

ETA: So Billy Dee is out due to injury. No more elimination or not?? I suspect not since they aren’t doing that stupid elmin stuff before each dance, thank god.

Great dance by Nene. And line of the night goes to Derek Hough: “This lil’ munchkin is ready for you!!” Right to Nene. 🙂

ETA2: Forgot to add to my last update that they made it pretty clear that the switch is for one week then they go back to their original partners. It sounds like no more voting – I’m afraid to hope for that to be true.

Liked Danica and Val’s dance very much, but she struck me as a bit melodramatic and not quite real in her package. I’m afraid that’s just her.

ETA3: Beautiful dance by Meryl and Maks but that was in NO WAY a foxtrot…yet no one said a word about it. Bet they would have if Meryl was dancing with Derek. Interesting how now the couples are definitely going back to each other after next week AND they get 10s on a non-foxtrot. I wonder if someone had a fit? 🙂 Besides most of the fans, I mean. I doubt they listen to us, so what happened? Not that I’m complaining about that part – I’m glad.