Maks Chmerkovskiy Talks About Meryl Davis And DWTS In A New Celebrity Bite

Below is Maks Chmerkovskiy talking in a MSN Celebrity Bite. He explains why he came back to Dancing With The Stars. He says Meryl Davis is the closest he’s come to ‘dancing with normal people’ since she isn’t dramatic, etc. He also talks of how he’s not doing the show again to win a trophy. If he never wins Dancing With The Stars, that’s ok. It was about meeting the people he has and the experience. Lot’s more below with Maks!

ETA: Don’t miss reading a fun new interview with Meryl at Team USA. She talks of ice skating and the new “Stars On Ice” tour with ice dancing Charlie White. Below is a take for what they asked her about her new dance and the switch up dance on Dancing With The Stars. More at the link. Thanks to Anna for sending.

For the first time in the show’s history, contestants will be switching partners Monday night based on fan voting. How do you feel about the switch-up, and is there anyone you’d like to be partnered with?

I’m not a fan of the idea of the switch-up. I feel so comfortable because I’m in the rhythm that Maks and I have developed over the past couple weeks. I’m not encouraging any specific partnership, I think I’ll just go with whomever the audience votes for, especially since it’s required we switch partners and it’s happening, but I hope we switch back.

How are you feeling about your upcoming dance, the foxtrot?

I’m enjoying it. It’s been nice that we’ve had some variety, whether it’s swing, foxtrot or cha-cha, they’re all different. It’s been nice to experience drastically different dances right off the bat.