Carrie Ann Inaba Writes Of What Makes DWTS So Incredible, Switch Up Couples Find Out Partners Today

Carrie Ann Inaba writes all about Dancing With The Stars last night at Below she talks of judging and also reminds us of what makes Dancing With The Stars so incredible in a “Dancing Democracy” way. She also mentions how the couples find out today who their new partners are going to be for the upcoming week! More below….

So, let’s get to the dances! Wow! I was truly impressed with the dances last night. Normally, the “most memorable year” night of dancing is the most challenging to judge. When a star has just shared an intimate detail of their life, a vulnerable time, or a challenging time, and then they dance poorly, it’s truly heart-wrenching as a judge to have to give them a bad score. This is often the time of the season where the fans of the stars will get extremely protective over their “favorites.” It’s completely understandable and beautiful, but this is when it can get very negative on social media because the fans will misunderstand the judgement of the dance for the judgement of the person. Now, we don’t judge the person; we judge the dancing and the performance. And most of the time, we care just as much as everyone else about these special, talented people who have courageously taken on this challenge to be on Dancing with the Stars. But if we don’t judge them with a critical and professional eye, there’s no point to the competition. And I’d like to remind everyone that what makes DWTS so incredible is that it is a combination of scoring and the audience and viewer votes that decides the fates of our celebs. It’s a democracy! It’s a Dancing Democracy. So vote. Oh, speaking of voting. Today is the day they tell the couples who their new partner is going to be for the upcoming week! Talk about a “SWITCH UP.” After last night’s incredible performances I almost don’t want to see them switch, but at the same time, how very interesting and what an amazing experiment it is to do this. It will be quite the psychological thriller if you ask me. I won’t know until Monday as well…and I’m chomping at the bit.

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