Afterbuzz And Paul Karmiryan Review DWTS18 Week 3: Do you agree or disagree?

Below is the new Afterbuzz Dancing With The Stars episode and it’s a great one at that again! This time their special guest is “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Paul Karmiryan! I’m excited on this guest as I saw him in “Ballroom With A Twist” in February and he was fantastic….full of lots of energy and passion. He totally captured my attention in dances like this….

*Awwww, memories and dreams true. Sharna, Gleb, Paul take me there again* Dies

Ok, so onto the new Afterbuzz episode. I agreed with them on everything except for Suri on Tony and NeNe. She says Tony has been working out and planned to take off his shirt. She thought it worked for the dance and liked Nene without shoes. Anna was dead on about Maks and Meryl’s dance too in my opinion. It seemed more like a Contemporary dance and he’s not challenging her enough. Lot’s more below. Let us know if you agree or disagree with them. I may have more thoughts in comments. Also, special thanks to Kristyn for mentioning us in her blog on our Switch Up research before she introduced the new Afterbuzz episode. She rocks! Court and Heidi may have more to report on that in this post too. xxx